Paterson’s Bakery has been at the heart of Carradale for longer than most residents can remember, so the revelation in 2018 that it was to close came as a shock to everyone.

This would mean more than the loss of a retail outlet. Paterson’s had always been the village’s social hub: a place to stop and chat with friends and neighbours and catch up on what was happening locally and beyond.

At the news of the impending closure, residents were galvanised into action. At a packed public meeting in the village hall in June 2018 the Chairs of Carradale Community Trust (CCT) and East Kintyre Community Council spoke of efforts already under way to keep the shop on as a going concern.  CCT took the lead by exploring ways the premises might be purchased as a community asset . . . however by August the inevitable happened and the shop finally closed its doors.

Thankfully, this is not the end of the story.

CCT began exploring alternative options and by October 2018 a business plan had been prepared. The lead for this was almost entirely down to the efforts of trustees David and Lesley Prag, who led the Temporary Shop Group.  By January 2019 they had gained the agreement of CCT and the Village Hall, as well as securing financial backing from the Wind Farm Trust and the local salmon farm owners, to set up a temporary store. In March 2019 the village took delivery of a ready-made portable cabin, which was placed beside the hall. With power connected and stock on the shelves, the Temporary Shop opened for business in early April.

Local volunteers now staff the shop six days a week and the facility has proved successful and popular with residents and visitors.

This is not, however, the end of the story as CCT continues to pursue its mission to reopen a permanent shop in Carradale and breathe life back into the heart of Carradale.

Address: Carradale Temporary Shop, Carradale Village Hall, Carradale, PA28 6QG

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