The East Kintyre Local Development Plan for 2020-2025 is live!  

Carradale Community Trust and East Kintyre Community Council did not expect to deliver the Local Development Plan in the midst of such an epic crisis.  However, maybe there is no better time for us all to reflect on the future and the differences that each of us can make?  

We hope that the Plan inspires you to join us in delivering projects described in its pages, all of which came out of the Visitor and Residents Survey and Open Day feedback.   Please help us in making a better and brighter future for all of us who live, work and visit East Kintyre!  

A huge thank you from the whole community to the LDP team for the work involved in producing the wide ranging and inclusive 2020-2025 East Kintyre Local Development Plan.  We have uploaded the pages of the report for you to review as photos below. Alternatively if you have a goodbroadband connection you may wish to download the PDF file (24 MB) using the PDF link buttonbelow.

Urgent: Save Carradale Forest!!!

East Kintyre Community Council and Carradale Community Trust have some very disturbing news to report to you and publish the full email below.  

Hello Everyone

Forestry Land Scotland (FLS) has launched an 'Energy Offering' to wind farm developers, and included in this was the whole of the Carradale Forest (East Kintyre).  We only found out about this by accident last month, and did everything we could to stop it, including asking the Minister to ask FLS to remove our forest from the offering.  This means that, regardless of what FLS say, our entire East Kintyre area of Carradale Forest - from Grogport through to Rhonadale and down to Waterfoot - could be covered in 150-200 metre wind turbines.  

FLS responds that, after the Energy Offering, any plans will have to go through a full planning process, and that areas of ‘amenity’ will be protected.  They also offered to remove Deer Hill from the EO.  As for being saved by the planning process, you should know that, whenever FLS has leased land to a wind farm developer in Kintyre, the planning permission has never been refused.  As for Deer Hill, the wind speeds are not good enough for commercial wind farms, so this is unlikely to be developed: FLS was giving us land that was secure anyway, and in exchange asking us to throw Grogport and Rhonadale under the proverbial bus.      

The ONLY option left to us now is to speed up our plans for Registering an Interest in Carradale Forest.  This was to be done as part of our local development planning, but it is absolutely a matter of urgency now if 1) we are to protect the forest and 2) we are to be able to plan for its sustainable use.  We only have until September 13th to Register an Interest.

Please can we ask for your help?  Below is my effort to kickstart the process:  I urgently need volunteers for the specific tasks I highlight, as well as feedback.  

  1. Publicity - We need to let everyone know about our efforts to secure the future of Carradale Forest. This will involve social media, print media, emails, anything that will let people know what is needed - signatures of registered voters supporting the Community’s registration of interest in the Carradale Forest (East Kintyre side).
  2. Signatures of 10% of the Voting Population of East Kintyre - In order to Register an Interest with the Scottish Government, we need the signatures of 10% of the registered voting population of East Kintyre.  There are 578 registered voters so we need at least 58 of them. This would be a big task even without Covid-19… 
  3. A map of the areas of interest - We are taking professional advice on exactly what our range of request might involve.  We are not opposed to wind farms, nor to the re-powering of existing ones, so we would like to exclude areas that are not part of our future community development plans.  We will present everyone with a recommendation (and detailed explanation) before we ask anyone to sign their names in support. 
  4. A development plan for Carradale Forest - The Planning Group will work to develop the ideas that were included in our Local Development Plan (especially Roots and Routes).  However, we will need a wide consultation and input on this: all ideas need to go into our forest plan before we Register our Interest.  And we have very little time to do this left… 

Many thanks and please feel free to share this email widely.  

Jenn Lee, Planning Group, Carradale Community Trust (

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