Welcome to East Kintyre Community Council (EKCC), your direct link to local people, Argyll & Bute Council and many other public bodies.

Our mission for you is broad and varied. Our remit includes the legal right to be consulted on planning applications and liquor licenses. We are also expected to act on issues we believe concern the interests of the community.

In all of this we must be objective and non-partisan, involving and consulting as broad a cross-section of the community as possible.

For this purpose, we hold regular meetings and members of the public are actively encouraged to attend and add your voice to the discussions.

These regular meetings are advertised in advance – stating the main topics (agenda) for discussion – with posts on local notice boards and on this website seven days before each event.

Agendas and minutes can be obtained from the EKCC Secretary, at meetings or on this website.

We’re here to listen to your aspirations and hopes for East Kintyre, as well as any concerns you may have.

With this in mind, we help bridge the gap between you and Argyll & Bute Council officials and elected representatives. On your behalf, we also liaise with various bodies, voluntary organisations, MPs, MSPs and many others to help make your home a safe and pleasant place to live.

Next EKCC meeting will be held at Carradale Village Hall on Thursday, 6 February 2020 at 7pm

EKCC Windfarm Trust

Fund set up with Argyll & Bute Council to receive community benefit payments from local wind farms.  This was designed to help community groups in these areas finance their projects through a system of grants.

Action Plans

EKCC have developed Action Plans and are currently working on the 2020-2024 plan with a Planning Group which can be viewed at Development Plan

Emergency Plan

EKCC have produced an Emergency Plan should there ever be a major incident in East Kintyre.

EKCC Boundary Map


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